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Freelance contractors

What’s good about our Freelancer service


If you are working through your own Limited Company, one of the challenges is to keep track of the taxes that you are building up. Things can quickly get out of hand when you don't.


Our monthly system calculates tax and lets you know the taxes you owe and which ones you need to pay and when.  We also recommend how much you could keep in your business account so that you can build up a tax fund and never be surprised with an unexpected tax bill.  If you follow our advice you should be able to pay your taxes with ease when they become due. Having worked with thousands of Contractors since 1995, they have found this to be one of the most useful aspects of our service.


Reasons to choose AMS Accountancy Ltd.:Frl Gif

  • When you’re between contracts we’ll reduce our fee by 50%, we have less to do in these periods so we charge you less.
  • We won't charge our fee until your contracting income starts.
  • We’ll forecast your business taxes every month and suggest how much to save in a ‘Tax Fund’ to cover them (as described above).  
  • Free advice on your options re your income when the Higher Tax Rate is imminent.
  • We'll contact you annually for a salary consultation to minimise your taxes.
  • We send an in-house client newsletter every month containing useful information on all aspects of running a business.

 Annually and monthly, our service covers:

  • Company Annual Accounts
  • Corporation Tax computations and CT600 Return
  • Payroll calculations and Real Time Information to HMRC
  • Completion of PAYE End of Year Returns
  • VAT - preparation and submission of quarterly Returns
  • Companies House Annual Return
  • Dealing with all routine tax queries
  • Annual advice on options such as salary, dividends, shareholdings etc.

Your monthly report:

Every month we'll send you a report containing the following, including a one page summary with details of actions that you should take.


  • Forecast of your Company taxes.
  • Advice on how much to save in a tax fund so that you can pay your taxes - adjusted monthly to reflect the last month’s activities.
  • Formal payslips & dividend vouchers
  • A summary of your business expenses
  • Higher Rate Tax threshold warnings with an invitation to call us for free advice on your options 
  • A personal rolling calendar of important tax and other dates
  • A record of any invoices we have sent on your behalf

Setting up

When you join us we’ll advise you on your IR35 status. We can form your Limited Company, register you for PAYE and VAT etc. and advise you on the most tax efficient options for your Company and handling your income.

You will always be able to speak to the same small team of people who you will get to know. You can also call/visit us to discuss your contracting business - anytime.  

What we’ll need from you:

Every month, all you need to do is complete 2 simple digital documents (hard copy if preferred) and mail them to us. 


Monthly: Direct Debit payments of £107 + VAT

Reduced to £53.50 + VAT (50%) when you have no contracting income

Fees will only be activated when your contracting income starts

If you are already trading as a Freelance Contractor, we can handle the transfer from your current accountant.

Set up is free of charge and includes:                      

  • Formation of a Limited Company
  • PAYE and VAT registration
  • Use of AMS Accountancy Ltd. address for your registered office
  • Advice on shareholdings
  • Advice on the Flat Rate VAT scheme and set up if appropriate

Additional:  Self-Assessment Income Tax Return 2018

Before 15th June 2018: £99 +VAT (early bird)

16th June - 31st October 2018: £125 +VAT

1st November - 7th January 2018: £155 +VAT

Contact us for an info pack or call us on 01793 818400