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Tax Relief on Pensions Explained

There are a few issues that we regularly see around the subject of tax on pensions:  Employees earning over £46,350 (the Higher Rate Tax threshold for 2018/19), sometimes think they will automatically obtain tax relief on their contributions when they pay into a...

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Can I claim expenses for doing business admin at home?

Two ways you can claim for carrying out business admin at your home.  Yes, business owners can claim the expense of using their home as an office, (as a business expense), based on the portion of rent, mortgage interest, council tax, water, fuel etc. used while...

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Can I pay my wife “wages” to save my business tax?

Many business owners pay their spouse a salary – typically up to the Personal Allowance limit (£11,850 in 2018/19). If the spouse has no other taxable income, they will not pay tax on their salary – and the business owner saves tax (at 19%, 20% or 40%) on the salary...

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Working overseas and the 24 months rule

The basic 24 month rule applies – if you are an employee or director and work, or know you will work, at a temporary workplace for 40% plus of your working hours for over 24 months - you are caught by the ‘24 month rule’ and can no longer get tax relief on related...

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Our Video Guides

In 2007 we had the idea of publishing short articles in the local press which could be useful for small businesses. Our approach was to answer questions frequently asked by our clients with clear and genuinely helpful answers.

The natural progression was to produce videos and since 2015 our video library has increased to over 80 videos in 7 different categories.

We make every effort to stay relevant to small business and contractor issues – hopefully you will find them useful and easy to understand!  

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If you are a small business or a Contractor – we are here for you. We will help you through all stages from setting up to reviewing your existing business – making sure that you have the most tax effective structure.

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