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Warning! Umbrella companies – loan charge from HMRC

I have a client who recently came to us for help with her tax return with some letters from HMRC.  She is a social worker who was getting work via an Agency – and she was being paid by an Umbrella Company.  The lady isn’t British and took all the advice she received...

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Tax free income

Over the last year or two, and partly to remove some taxpayers from the Tax Return system (because they cost more for HMRC to administer than they pay in tax), certain types of income are not taxable up to a certain...

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Explaining HMRC Payments on Account in January and July

If you have recently started trading as a self-employed person, your first income tax bill will be due in the January following your first trading year, and for many it comes as a bit of a shock.   This is because your first tax bill, due in the January, will commonly...

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Our Video Guides

In 2007 we had the idea of publishing short articles in the local press which could be useful for small businesses. Our approach was to answer questions frequently asked by our clients with clear and genuinely helpful answers.

The natural progression was to produce videos and since 2015 our video library has increased to over 80 videos in 7 different categories.

We make every effort to stay relevant to small business and contractor issues – hopefully you will find them useful and easy to understand!  

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If you are a small business or a Contractor – we are here for you. We will help you through all stages from setting up to reviewing your existing business – making sure that you have the most tax effective structure.

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