Don’t use a debt collector in the first instance.  Your client could be experiencing difficulties, so hiring a debt collector could mean you will lose them forever. 

Discuss the debt with your client, be civil and polite. It is SO important to keep the relationship with your client alive – so stay in touch! This simple plan could work:  

  • Agree a realistic payment schedule together. 
  • Then confirm it in writing/email, note the payment dates you agreed.
  • Make sure you send warm thanks when a payment comes in.
  • If a payment is late, contact your client immediately to discuss what happened.
  • At this point you might need to start a new agreement and follow up as above.

This should enable you and your client to stay on top of the situation and it will hopefully help you to maintain a positive relationship. If it doesn’t work out, then, go to the Small Claims court or engage the debt collector.