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Fees & quotes

We generally meet potential clients in an initial ‘free consultation’ meeting to discuss their business and accountancy requirements. We then follow up the meeting with a summary of what was discussed, a plan for going forward, and a quote or estimate for our work.

Then, as each future year’s work is completed, and we get to know more about a client’s business/tax affairs and a better idea of the work involved, we give a new quote.

There are two main ways we charge fees:

1. One way is to charge based on the time taken for a piece of work once it is completed (known as a time-cost basis). This tends to be for small pieces of work – or bigger pieces where it is not easily estimated how long the work will take.

2. The second is to estimate in advance how much work is involved for a piece of work then give a quote – and set up a monthly direct debit. Assuming the client’s records are pretty much as expected, and the number and/or type of transactions is not significantly different from what was planned for, then our time-costs should – more or less – be equal to the annual direct debits charged.

Quote examples:

Quote example 1:

For a small limited company that provides services and has few overheads (that requires: preparation of annual company accounts; preparing/checking quarterly VAT returns; running a small payroll for the director; ongoing accountancy/tax advice, and; preparing an Income Tax Return for the director), we would expect to quote £1,680 + VAT for the year’s work and we would look to set up a monthly direct debit of £140 + VAT.  If more, or fewer, services were required, we would amend the quote accordingly.

Quote example 2:

For preparing a simple Self-Assessment Tax Return, we would generally charge a set fee depending on when your information is received, please see below:

  Documents and Payment Fee
Early Bird service Before 15th June £138 (£115 + VAT)
Standard service 16th June to 31st October £168 (£140 + VAT)
Late service 1st November to 31st December £222.00 (£185 + VAT)
1st January onwards £246.00 (£205 + VAT)

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We are very happy to meet you to discuss your business or even your idea for a business. We will advise you on the most tax efficient structure if you are setting up and we can review your business if you are already trading.