Annual Accounts Preparation Service

Along with your Accounts we’ll provide our Useful Guide.

One of the core services we offer our clients is annual accounts preparation. The annual accounts are used to show owners of businesses how successfully, or otherwise, their business has performed; and what taxes are due on their profits, as well as ensuring compliance with HMRC and Companies House rules.

AMS aims to ensure that accounts are accurate; that any tax deductible expenses and allowances are claimed; and that the accounts are submitted to HMRC/Companies House on time.

We also aim to provide simple explanations to clients so that they understand what their accounts mean because Accounting Standards and Companies Act rules often produce excessive or confusing figures and terminology, that business owners often struggle to comprehend.

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Bruce Simpson & Kim Tremblen – CIRENCESTER

The Challenge

Problems with various accountants meant we received a large fine for late accounts. Also, the payroll service sometimes got commissions for the stylists wrong.  Not great to be wondering if the payslips are right every month.

The Solution

In 2017, AMS set up a system where Michelle contacts us immediately if there are errors in the payroll. Now we pay our staff the right amount on time. Accounts are also sent in on time. 

The Outcome

We now have peace of mind knowing our payroll is correct every month. More importantly our accounts are submitted on time!


We work with Small Businesses and Contractors who expect us to give good advice and help them save tax. Our library of 80+ short videos was produced in-house by us to help with all aspects of being in business and we are often praised for their simplicity on complicated matters.

We feel it’s important that we and our clients keep abreast of changes to tax law and advances in technology so we provide solid tax advice and help with bookkeeping. This includes support for people who are making the move to cloud accounting software.

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