Annual Accounts

What is accounts preparation?

Directors of limited companies are charged with preparing the final accounts for shareholders, bankers, and other financers. An annual report show the financial performance of the firm throughout the accounting period, as well as the company’s financial position at the end of it.

Your company’s accounts have to be delivered to Companies House within nine months and a day after the end of the accounting period. The accounts and an accompanying corporation tax return must go to HMRC within a year of the end of the accounting period.

We understand that you’re busy running your business, and so we offer an accounts preparation service to save you time and hassle. We can take care of everything for you, from collecting the necessary information to completing the accounts and filing them with the relevant authorities.


How we prepare your accounts

Accounts preparation is a continuous process, and understanding our clients and their firms better allows us to get the best out of this process.

We provide a full end-of-year report, including an audit and recommendations for improvement. Because we deliver this consistently for so many of our clients, year after year, the end-of-year procedure becomes much simpler. Plus, we get in front of any issues that might arise.

Accounting Standards and Companies Act rules often produce excessive or confusing figures and terminology, that business owners often struggle to comprehend. That’s why we also aim to provide simple explanations to our clients so that they understand what their accounts mean.

AMS Accountancy have a team of qualified accountants who can help you prepare your accounts, whether it’s for one year or every year. We’ll take care of everything for you, so you can focus on running your business.


Dealing with HMRC and Companies House

We take your company’s financial data to create the accounts as well as the corporate tax returns. After that, we send them to your board of directors for their approval before submitting them to Companies House and HMRC on your behalf. We’ll also give thorough instructions on how to pay your corporation tax debt.

We’ll work with you to answer any issues HMRC has regarding a set of accounts or the company tax return we’ve prepared, and resolve any disputes as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We want to ensure that you’re fully compliant with the law, and our accounts preparation service will do just that.


Who we help

We handle accounting for a variety of businesses, enterprises and organisations, including:

  • limited companies
  • sole traders
  • partnerships
  • limited liability partnerships
  • charities
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • community interest companies
  • clubs and associations
  • pension schemes

No matter your business size or sector, our account preparation services guarantees that your accounts are not only accurate and up to date, but also an actual asset for monitoring and expanding your business.

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