This is a list of tax deductible expenses that you can claim against your rental property income.

  1. Mortgage interest is claimable in full but there are special rules regarding tax relief
  2. Management charges/commission to letting agencies
  3. Property repairs – but not “improvements”
  4. Renewals of fixtures on a like-for-like basis (modern equivalents are acceptable)
  5. Replacing furniture/white goods/furnishings on a like-for-like basis
  6. Maintenance expenses and costs for decorating – including gas safety certificates;
  7. Advertising for a tenant and obtaining/drafting a tenancy contract;
  8. Buildings/ contents insurance
  9. Council tax, water rates, service charges etc. if the landlord incurs these;
  10. Travel costs to a rental property for inspections/repairs but note that there are implications for non UK residents.
  11. Accountancy!