Many directors/shareholders borrow money from their Companies but, as long as they repay it within 9 months of their following accounting year end date, there are no great tax implications.

If it is not repaid by that deadline, a law called s.455, says the Company must pay 33.75% (from April 2022) of the outstanding loan to HMRC – who will hold this money until the loan has been repaid to their Company in full.

What you cannot do is pay it back by the deadline and then re-borrow it soon afterwards unless the loan is under £15,000 where it could be re-borrowed after 30 days.

If you re-borrow more than £15,000, HMRC can make the decision that you always intended to re-borrow it later and apply the s.455 law as above.  So, in practice you can borrow money from your Company – but be aware of the rules.