Contractor Accountants Service

Dedicated Accountancy Services for Contractors

As a Contractor with a Limited Company, it’s a challenge to keep track of the taxes you are building up. That’s why our specialist contractor accountants are here to help with all your accountancy and tax matters.

Our monthly system calculates and lets you know which taxes you owe, and when and how to pay them – plus a recommendation on how much to hold in a ‘Tax Fund’.

Our Contractor clients have found this to be one of the most valuable aspects of our service because it avoids unexpected tax bills.


Reasons to choose AMS for your contracting accountancy needs

  • When you’re between contracts we’ll reduce our fee by 50%
  • We won’t charge you until your contracting income starts
  • We’ll forecast your business taxes every month – suggesting how much to save in your ‘Tax Fund’
  • Free advice on your options re income when Higher Tax Rate is imminent
  • Tax advice and general support freely available
  • In-house client newsletters every month
  • We deal with all VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax submissions, and comply with MTD without you needing to buy cloud accounting software.
  • Advice on how to deal with IR35 – see our IR35 Hub

Your monthly report

The beauty of your Monthly Report – it’s easy to understand with clear advice on actions to take.

We’ll send your monthly report 2-3 days after we receive your bookkeeping information and it will contain everything you need to effectively manage your Company.

It will provide you with advice on how much to transfer to your personal account (on projected income) leaving a tax fund in your business account to pay your tax bills and avoiding the shock of unexpected taxes to pay.  It contains details on taxes to be paid and when they are due, plus instructions on how to pay them. You will see a record of your expenses, and VAT Return submissions for the quarter, and a summary of monies outgoing and incoming to your account.

It will also contain Dividend Vouchers and Pay Slips plus any extra reminders for other items you might have to pay regularly from your business account.

Contractor Accounting Fees

Please also visit our Contractor Fees for further information on fees. If you need any help or advice, why not contact us to book a free consultation with one of our in-house experts.

You don’t have to buy Cloud Accounting software for MTD!

Purchasing Cloud Accounting to comply with Making Tax Digital adds an extra monthly cost to your business. The massive advertising campaigns of the companies selling cloud software will have you thinking that you must use it. See our MTD hub for further information.

This is not the case. We have a tried and tested alternative called Bridging Software which doesn’t cost our clients a penny in extra fees. So when you look at our service below – the fees that you see are the fees you will pay.  However, if you prefer to use Cloud Software – this option is also available.


Please also visit our IR35 HUB for further information.

Making Tax Digital for Contractors

Our Contractors will not have to sign up to expensive cloud accounting software to comply with the new HMRC Making Tax Digital scheme. After researching various solutions we decided to use HMRC approved bridging software which complies with MTD – instead of changing to a cloud based system. This will enable us to continue to give useful monthly reports to our contractor clients. We will continue to predict their upcoming taxes, advise them on how much to keep in a tax fund and how much money they can take from their Companies. 

Martin Robson

Contractor, Cheltenham

The Challenge

I was a retiring Contractor and my then accountant failed to properly advise me on the tax implications of taking money out of my company on cessation – and on the most practical way to do it.

The Solution

AMS advised me to take my money out using a variety of solutions. I avoided the use of a Liquidator, saved on accountancy fees and admin time, all resulting in no Capital Gains Tax to pay.

The Outcome

I am not in business any more but I am very pleased that I found AMS. Following their advice made a very good end to my working life. 

Get in touch today for a free consultation.

We are very happy to meet you to discuss your business or even your idea for a business. We will advise you on the most tax efficient structure if you are setting up and we can review your business if you are already trading.