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What is the marginal rate of tax?

The marginal rate of tax paid is “the percentage of tax paid on earnings for the next pound earned.” What that means is that if you earn £50,270 your marginal rate of tax is 40% because for the next pound that you earn, you will be paying tax at 40%.  Below are the...

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Can paying dividends reduce your Company’s tax bill?

No it can’t.  A Company pays Corporation Tax on its profits before dividends are paid out.  Consequently, shareholders are treated as having already paid some tax on their dividends but they still have 7.5% dividend tax to pay (on dividends above £2,000) - and...

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Mortgage References for business owners

Applying for a new mortgage or re-mortgage can be a stressful and time-consuming task for anyone. At least for people in full time employment there is a good chance that their income will have been consistent over the last few years. Unfortunately, people running...

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What is the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)?

This is a government-backed scheme that protects a tenant and the deposit they initially put down when entering into a new tenancy agreement. This amount is decided by the landlord and is typically in proportion to the monthly rent up to a maximum of 5 weeks’ rent (or...

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HMRC Buy to Let Amnesty

If you rent out a residential property, HMRC will want to know the total amount received and the expenses you’ve paid for.  It applies even if there were periods when the property was empty. So what to...

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What is an LLP or Limited Liability Partnership?

An LLP or Limited Liability Partnership has some things in common with a Partnership but, like a Limited Company, it also has Limited Liability so partners cannot lose personal assets. LLP’s are easy to join and to leave –...

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What happens if I exceed the annual pension allowance?

The general rule is: For pension contributions, there is an Annual Allowance (of £40,000 for 2020/21) which is the maximum one can pay into a pension scheme in a tax year.  If you (or your employer) don't use all of the Annual Allowance, then you can carry forward...

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What is a Confirmation Statement?

A Confirmation Statement is a document that Limited Companies must file at Companies House each year – generally online using the ‘authentication code’.  It replaced the old Annual Return in 2016. It confirms if the statutory information is the same, or if there are...

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