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How to form/start a company

There are a number of stages to go through – and I would recommend seeing an accountant as early in the process as possible.  It may even be the case that you shouldn’t form a company straight away as many small start-ups are better off starting as sole-traders.  But...

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Starting up as a landlord – Tax issues to consider

When starting up as a landlord there are a number of issues and tax implications to bear in mind: Decide on what investment property to buy.  This is obviously the most basic decision and the key decision. Decide how to own it – on your own, with a partner, or through...

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What Are Benefits in Kind?

Benefits in Kind (BIKs) happen when an employer pays for something on behalf of the employee which is not repaid. BIKs tend to cover personal expenditure - commonly private medical/dental cover, personal use of company cars/vans and fuel benefits etc. The BIK is...

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Mortgage References for People in Business

Applying for a new mortgage or re-mortgage can be a stressful and time-consuming task for anyone. At least for people in full time employment there is a good chance that their income will have been consistent over the last few years. Unfortunately, people running...

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Bookkeeping advice when setting up a business

When setting up a business it is important to make sure that your bookkeeping system is suitable for your type of business – and also for your skills.  It should enable you to extract useful information (e.g. how much money have I got in the bank; who owes me money?)...

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Take care when issuing shares for your new Company!

Issuing large numbers of shares creates a debt to the Company, and can remove the benefits of limited liability. When a Company goes into liquidation, shareholders can lose the value of their shares because they might have to pay the share capital personally to...

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What is a Shareholders’ Agreement and when is one needed

A Shareholders’ Agreement is a private agreement – generally drawn up by a lawyer - between some or all of the shareholders of a Company. It documents information about the relationship between the shareholders; what will happen in certain eventualities (e.g....

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What is a House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO)?

HMRC’s definition is “a property rented out by at least 3 people who are not from 1 ‘household’ (for example a family) but share facilities like the bathroom and kitchen”. It is sometimes called a ‘house share’. Common examples of HMOs are student accommodation and...

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