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Starting a business checklist – 20 things to consider

When starting a business there are a lot of things to think about and a checklist can be useful. The checklist below is not exhaustive but it does include tasks that are sometimes overlooked by people starting out in business.  It is always worth talking to an...

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What is a director’s loan account?

Many directors/shareholders borrow money from their Companies but, as long as they repay it within 9 months of their following accounting year end date, there are no great tax implications. If it is not repaid by that deadline, a law called s.455, says the Company...

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Should I pay myself extra salary or extra dividends?

Generally, for small Companies, dividends are still more tax efficient than salary because they avoid 13.8% Employer’s National Insurance plus, possibly, 12% Employee’s National Insurance. So usually it’s better to vote, and pay dividends – but it depends on your...

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How does being married affect Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

When a person gives/sells shares, investment properties etc. to a spouse, the transfer is deemed to be at a no gain/no loss value – so no CGT to pay. By transferring a half share of an investment property to your spouse prior to selling it, you can double the tax-free...

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What is the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion?

The phrase ‘Tax Avoidance’ has become associated with dirty practice.  This is because certain celebrities have avoided Income Tax by being paid via things like offshore Trusts - which has led some politicians to moralise about it. These practices are not necessarily...

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Why should I register for VAT?

There are generally two reasons to register for VAT: Compulsory: When your sales exceed £85,000 in a 12 month period. Voluntary: If registering your business for VAT will be a benefit to you (the benefit is that you can reclaim VAT paid on supplies and expenses). If...

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