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Accountants for construction companies

Life is busy as a construction business owner. Besides the hands-on, day-to-day work needed to get the job done, you’ve got admin and red tape to work through, staffing and resources to manage and logistical puzzles to figure out.

Most importantly, you need a clear picture of the financial side of things. After all, how else will you know that your business is making money – and how else will you spot the opportunities to grow your profits?

At AMS Accountancy, we make it our mission to provide that clarity. As local construction accountants, we’ve been working with Swindon-based builders and tradespeople for years, helping them to stay on top of their bookkeeping, save money through careful tax planning, and monitor their cashflow as their firm grows.

The construction industry has seen a number of tax changes in the last few years, putting increasing pressure on business owners to understand and meet an ever-changing list of requirements.

Those include the construction industry scheme (CIS), in which contractors must deduct money from subcontractors’ payments to pass on to HMRC, as well as changes to VAT rules that affect the sector.

We work with cloud accounting software that can handle all these processes smoothly, keeping you within the law and giving you real-time information on your business’s finances.

Now that so much is possible in the cloud, you might wonder if there’s any use in meeting your accountant in person at all.

But by working with construction accountants near you, you’ll have the benefit not only of our specialist sector knowledge, but our strong understanding of the local business landscape, too.

Plus, if you ever have questions about your business or just need some advice, we’re close at hand and ready to help.

Accounting services for construction companies

We offer all the essential services you’ll need as a construction firm, from bookkeeping and tax compliance to advice on structuring and growing your business.

Our specialist accountants can provide guidance if you’re hiring the services of contractors, or working as one and providing construction services to another business.

We’ll get you registered for the construction industry scheme (CIS) and file your returns with HMRC, as well as advising you on your position in the supply chain for the purposes of VAT and the domestic reverse charge.

And we’ll help you to understand whether you, your contractors or subcontractors fall within the scope of IR35, and what you’ll need to do as a result.

We can support your construction business with:

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