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How to start a company

There are a number of stages to go through – and I would recommend seeing an accountant as early in the process as possible.  It may even be the case that you shouldn’t form a company straight away as many small start-ups are better off starting as sole-traders.  But...

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How does owning shares in a Company work?

Limited Companies in the UK are generally limited by shares representing the ownership of the Company. So if the Company issued 100 shares and you own 1 – you own 1% of the Company.  Shares come with certain rights, the most...

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What Are Benefits in Kind?

Benefits in Kind (BIKs) happen when an employer pays for something on behalf of the employee which is not repaid. BIKs tend to cover personal expenditure - commonly private medical/dental cover, personal use of company cars/vans and fuel benefits etc. The BIK is...

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Should we set up our family business as a Partnership?

There are many reasons for not choosing a Partnership in your position, for instance: They are generally less tax efficient than Limited Companies; Partners must pay Class 4 National Insurance; All Partners are jointly responsible for all debts; Partnerships can...

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what to do when buying a franchise?

Talk the franchise proposition through with an accountant.  If you still think it is a good proposition, decide on the business structure (e.g. Limited Company), bookkeeping records and VAT registration, as with any business. Franchisees often pay a large lump sum for...

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When should I cancel my child benefit?

If you are very sure that your taxable income (after personal pension contributions and charitable donations) will exceed £60,000 in the current tax year, then you should probably opt out of the Child Benefit system.  If you think there is a chance your taxable income...

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What is the Personal Allowance?

Every person who is resident in the UK is given a personal allowance each tax year. It operates as follows: The personal allowance is the amount of income you can receive before paying tax – and it generally increases each tax year. For the 2022/23 tax year, it is...

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